Among the hills of the Alta Langa, we have been pursuing a single goal for generations: to make all those who love high-quality artisan pastry and good things happy.

Handmade products with IGP certified Piedmont Hazelnuts

We are pastry chefs
Handicraft of Hazelnut

We have always worked artisanally, handing down the good taste of homemade desserts. For us, following the tradition is not only a matter of form but it means keeping a unique manual process alive, made of slow preparation times and extreme care at every stage of the production process.

Taste of tradition.
As good as it used to be

Taste of tradition.
As good as it used to be

Genuine ingredients,
our priority

We are looking for excellence for our production, so the selection of the raw material is fundamental.
In the Cerrato production we strictly use IGP certified Piedmont Hazelnuts, which is unique for its characteristics and for the unmistakable taste.

Great Piedmont classics,
our excellence

La Langarola®

The Hazelnut cake is our most beloved and requested product that we have been producing with the same authentic recipe for almost half a century.


I Baci di Langa®

In the size of a kiss all the flavour of hazelnuts and chocolate, an eclectic mix according to a classic of tradition.